Allen Martin

Business Owner


Allen is a self proclaimed “farm-kid” who was born and raised in Flanagan, Illinois. He is a 2006 graduate of Illinois State University. Allen’s entire career has been devoted to agriculture. Starting at a very young age, he has always been fascinated by “all things farming.”

Allen spent nearly eleven years working as a District Sales Manager for the Moews Seed Company. During this time, he developed relationships with farmers and dealers throughout the state of Illinois. Allen always looked for opportunities to do what was right for the customer with a focus on the long-term relationship rather than a short-term sales opportunity. He developed many very strong relationships over that period.

As time went on, Allen was needing to spend more and more time running the day to day operations of a growing farm business, so he exited his role with Moews. While his duties managing the farm operation became his primary focus, he wanted to maintain the relationships he had built over the previous eleven years. This led him to take on a dealership with Stone Seed. His customers were very happy to experience the product line that Allen was able to bring them with his new dealership, while still providing them with the customer service that they had come to expect.

Along with his brother, Allen saw the opportunity to create a first-class experience for his customer base by starting Integrated Seed Solutions. Allen serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Integrated Seed Solutions, but also retains an active sales role. Allen continues to service many of his original customers today with corn, soybean, and Amplify products. He is a big believer in always doing what is best for the customer and letting everything else fall into place.

Because Allen’s first love in agriculture remains on the farming side of the business, he is always sure to focus on the customer experience. Within Integrated Seed Solutions, Allen keeps a clear focus on how every decision ultimately impacts the grower. Whether it is pricing, timing, or ease of doing business, Allen is constantly focusing on ensuring that our customers are getting a tremendous experience at a very fair price.

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